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Originally Posted by misterjaydubyoo View Post
You WILL become addicted. People have started calling me crazy, obsessed, etc. b/c I have become to love training more than ever. I love the extra volume, the fatigue, the pain, etc.

Look forward to following your growth progress!
My wife, God bless her, is into fitness as well, but the other day she mentioned that all I seemed to talk about lately was training, lol! Whoops.

Originally Posted by misterjaydubyoo View Post
EXACTLY. Rest and nutrition are key components to that. Most people cannot recover from high volume because their diets are horrific.
No doubt. I can't believe the crap people put in their bodies. Even people who profess to care about training.

Originally Posted by arian11 View Post
Yea, when I was in college I noticed that people could not recover because of horrible diets, not enough sleep, alcohol consumption, and also consistency. I've had friends who didn't work out for a period of time and then picked it back up all of sudden using some high volume bodybuilding magazine workout. Obviously, your body isn't going to be use to that much volume out of nowhere. You need to build up to it. I use to only be able to workout 3 or 4 times per week or my numbers wouldn't be as good in the later half of the week. But now, with proper nutrition and having given my body time to adapt, I can lift 5 times per week of pretty much all squat, deadlift, or bench variations. Our bodies are truly something amazing!
Well said Arian.

Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
cant argue with science!!!
The Journal of Hyperplasia has been one of the keys to my progress. Recently, I've been trying some of the concepts presented in the T-Nation training lab and I am pleased to see them rooted in science as well.


Friday Evening - Volume Bench Session

Flat Bench superset with Wide Cable Row 65x8 each set and with Ab Bench 50x8 each set
172.5x5, 6 sets

Rack Bench superset with Ab Bench
192.5x8, 5 sets

OH Tricep Extension
50x9, 6 sets

Light Tricep Pushdowns for the pump


Saturday - Legs

Front Squat
122.5 (plus 10) 182.5x3

182.5 (plus 10) 232.5x3

Half Squat off pins
232.5 (plus 20) 312.5x5

SLDL superset with Leg Curl
120 (plus 20) 220x5 with 60x6 ,6 sets

Leg Extension with Sissy Squat
100x8, 4 sets with BWx8, 4 sets

Tire Work

Forward Sprints, 75
Backward Drags, 75

4 sets of each

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