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Originally Posted by angiebsassy View Post

WOW! My legs and butt are STILL sore from the other night. haha.

Today I just did 30 mins "Shaun T" Cardio.

On Friday, I am going to try this "6 Day Slim Down Challenge". Basically, there is a meal plan for each day and a different dance routine for each day. I'll add gym-time in there also. I'm going to record everything I eat, the amount of cardio, plus how much weight I move during those 6 days to see if anything happens.

I was also thinking the other day that people probably wonder why I post on abc. I'm not a "Competitive Bodybuilder" or a "Competitive Power-lifter" but, I do try to improve my body everyday. Therefore, I AM a body "builder". I also love that this site is based around Christian beliefs and morals. Posting on here also keeps me motivated, and it's helpful to go back and keep track of my lifts & my improvements. AND, I like getting input & advice from others. So, yeahhhhhhhhh.

I don't know who is wondering why you are posting here, but you don't really need to explain yourself. I am neither a competitive bodybuilder nor a competitive powerlifter. I'm not even Christian or religious at all. All that matters is that we have a better chance of achieving our goals together rather than alone.

You should do that kick boxing class or whatever else you find fun. I find that "cardio" is like pure evil to people. They hate hearing the word and doing the activity. Doing something fun like kick boxing, playing with your dog, or playing some sport with your friends will also burn calories and you are more likely to stay with it because you enjoy it.

Keep up the good work!
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