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Originally Posted by Mindwerkz View Post
Cool, Im interested to see where it takes you. I had always learned that you need significant rest and recovery for mass. Are you able to explain a little of the mechanism for me?
You do need rest and recovery, I just think that people overestimate how much they need and underestimate how good the body is at adapting.

I have come to believe that the body can handle almost anything you can throw at it….and praise God for that! I used to be very entrenched in a way of thinking that really impaired my training. I wouldn’t dream of bench pressing for example if my chest was still sore from a previous workout, or squatting if my legs were sore.

One of the big factors that shattered my pre-conceived notions was a Russian program named Smolov. My squat sucked (still does, but that isn’t Smolov’s fault!) and I desperately needed to improve it. I began reading about different programs and eventually settled on Smolov. It called for squatting 4 times per week at absolutely insane percentages of 1 rep maximum. And when you first start the program, your legs are absolutely crushed with DOMS. But a surprising thing happens, they get used to it, surprisingly quick in fact. Within the first 10 days or so, you are no longer crushed by DOMS. Your legs become recovering machines. While increasing my bodyweight by 4.7% on Smolov, my legs increased in girth by 7.6%. So that tells me that they were more than just recovering from the program, they were adding quality muscle mass.

Before that was ABC’s Hyperplasia challenge (my journal for that: ) I designed my own split for that based on a lot of what I had read from Chad Waterbury. He was/is a proponent of high frequency. That was my first true experience with double sessions and hitting a muscle group more than once per week. I felt it was successful. Funny thing was, I wanted everything I did to be verified by science. So I started scouring the ABC Journal of Hyperplasia. DUP in particular was a subject that fascinated me. Here is the article:

This is a gross over simplification, but science supports the idea that using movements 3 times per week can be more effective than once per week.
Finally, during my recent fat loss attempts, my mind was opened further. I again employed double sessions, but now I was in a caloric deficit (my first time I was bulking). I was recovering from my workouts, setting PR’s in the gym and doing it all while losing fat! How, on earth did this happen!

Well, obviously with all of my examples (Smolov, Hyperplasia Challenge, recent fat loss), you cannot be an idiot. I was eating right and sleeping (fairly) well (anyone who reads my journal knows that I throw in an occasional sleepless night working a midnight shift!). I also wasn’t training to failure. This is not to say that I wasn’t intense. Watch some of my videos and you will see that I can be intense. But I knew if I was going to train with high frequency, I couldn’t push myself to mechanical failure.

Not sure if you read T-Nation, but there was an article recently which was a great summary of the science of hypertrophy (article here: )

Research shows three primary methods by which resistance training causes hypertrophy: mechanical tension, muscle damage, and metabolic stress. Each of these factors mediates various processes that ultimately act on myogenic pathways to either increase protein synthesis and/or decrease protein breakdown.
My first priority is strength. I train with mostly low reps to achieve hypertrophy mostly through mechanical tension. I also execute all my reps as explosively as possible thus increasing the tension even for lower weights. I have been using many sets and multiple sessions, thus the volume is leading to the muscle damage. Further, I include higher rep back off sets which are the ones which tend to have the metabolic stress (i.e. lactic acid build up).

Thanks to CT over at T-Nation, I have been dragging my tire a lot, this is referred to as eccentric-less training. I believe this has dramatically helped my recovery. The eccentric portion of the rep is where most muscle damage occurs. Further, sore muscles are not conducive to glycogen replenishment. Again, scouring ABC articles to back up everything with science, from the precontest week article ( ):

Doyle and colleagues stated that "Eccentric contractions appear to reduce muscle glycogen replenishment during the 1- to 10-day period after exercise."

The reason for this is complex. However it can be broken down to the fact that eccentric training causes a higher amount of myofibrillar damage, muscle membrane disruption, and inflammation. Such consequences can slow glucose transport ( as compared to concentric training ), as well as glycogen synthesis.

According to Harold et al. (1997) "Glycogen supercompensation is best achieved when the exercise is largely concentric and the mode of exercise (e.g., cycling) does not disrupt the mechanisms of glycogen synthesis."
So by utilizing eccentric-less training (here is a video example: ), I am enhancing my glycogen replenishment thereby enhancing my recovery while at the same time providing a stimulus for growth based on the mechanical tension and metabolic stress that they endure with the training.

I hope that helps you see the rationale behind how I set up my program.

Something else I am excited about regarding training 3 times per day, I just crunched the numbers and I am taking in 81% of my daily calories within 1 hour of training! I should theoretically be a nutrient partitioning MACHINE! I also take in a whopping 92% of my daily carbs within 1 hour of training.


So, last night, I got an idea to name this phase of my training. HardCory has done it, Workout Machine previously named his program, Defying Gravity, and I would like to join their ranks. It is corny, but I call it: Get Big or Die Trying.



AM – Strength

Flat Bench Press superset with Wide Cable Rows, 65x8 reps after each bench set
157.5 (plus 5) 217.5x3

Rack Bench (5 inch off chest)
217.5 (plus 5) 247.5x3

Lunch – Eccentric-less

Tire Drags
Chest Press 50 superset with Lat Pulldown 50, 3 sets
Chest Fly 25 superset with High Row 75, 2 sets
Chest Press 50 superset with High Row 75, 1 set
Tricep Pushdown 25 superset with Bicep Curl 50, 2 sets

Even though I didn't fast yesterday, I still decided to feast today, ahh, the benefits of bulking.

Thanks to the additional carbs, I felt like I had a massive pump and looked absolutely huge after my tire session!

James 1:16-17 ESV
Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights
With God's help...Mens sana in corpore sano

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