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Last Night - enjoyed picking out costumes with my boys, then carving pumpkins!

Thursday - my easy day, supposed to coincide with a fast, but I opted not to do the fast today. I am going to wait until I start to get the scale nudging upward. I am too early in the bulk and will likely lose weight this week due to my metabolism adjusting to the increased carbs/calories (it happened last time I switched to bulking as well, I started losing weight!). Basic idea with the fast (followed by feast day) is similar to carb cycling but only on a larger scale. And even Layne Norton 6 week bulk/2 week cut Cycle on a smaller scale. It is to improve insulin sensitivity and encourage fat loss (I would take in whey and BCAA to help prevent muscle catabolism).


Ballistic Pushups, Chins, Vertical Jumps
Dips, Pullups, BW Lunges

Did circuits of this for about 20 minutes. Got the blood flowing, the idea is to just get into the zone but not really fatigue yourself.


Tire Dragging - exercises were not performed in this order, did supersets, etc. This is the total work done.

Lat Pulldown 50, 3 sets
Chest Press 50, 3 sets
High Row 75, 3 sets
Tricep Pushdown 25, 2 sets
Bicep Curl 50, 1 set
Foward Sprint 50, 1 set, 75, 2 sets
Backward Drag, 50, 1 set, 75, 2 sets

I was huffing and puffing during this workout, no rest, just moved from set to set. Felt great, good pump.

Since today is supposed to be an easy day, I may take the evening off.

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