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Thanks for the advice, bigbear. Where can I find the starting strength program? My legs actually didn't feel bad at all the next day. But like I said, I can't push too hard right now. I'm tentative about my back and knee. I was kind of testing my strength, and I think I'll kick it up a little next time!

Last night, I did Muay Thai for the 1st time. The guy I trained with is a 4th degree BB in Tae Kwon Do, a 1st degree bb in Akido, and a 1st degree BB in Joe Lewis's system (he trained under Bruce Lee in the 70's). It is a combination of karate, traditional kickboxing, and Thai boxing. When we finished warmups, my calves were more worn out than they have EVER been. They hurt like hell this morning!

If I can make the money and time work, I'll join the class and pursue a black belt in that style. It will be tough, though. The whole night, my instructor had to keep deconstructing my karate background and trying to make me learn an entirely different style! For example, the stance for this style is a lot more compact. Weight is distributed on yor legs 50 50 instead of 70 30. The whole mechanics of the punches are 100 different. In Shotokan, the punches flow with the mechanics of the body. In boxing, the punches are evidently more in tune with the position of the opponent. And I have to learn to keep my off hand in my face and my elbows covering my ribs! In Shotokan, your off hand recoils to the hip for the next punch.

It was a hell of a workout that had me ready to throw up mid way. But it was awesome, and I hope I can continue. Tonight is back and triceps. I'll update tomorrow. And bigbear6708, if you can let me know about the starting strength program, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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