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10/27/10 - Heavy Squat & Dynamic Deadlift


225x1 for 8 sets (I think)

Lets see, had an even harder 10 hour work day today. Working in some billionaire's mansion in Miami. Have to demolish and take out the air handlers inside and the units on the roof and then put in new ones. So today consisted of carrying tool boxes and gas tanks inside and on the roof. Didn't help that they had 2 stories of spiral staircases to get up there. Lets just say my forearms, feet, calves, and body were drained. Still workout felt pretty good. I believe I went lower in my squat on the triples than the single but still looks like parallel. Let me know what you think. Deadlift felt surprisingly quick for how tired I was and doing it after squatting. I felt fastest about midway through the sets but have to go back and really look at it to see how much my speed dropped. Anyways, let me know what mistakes you see in my form and technique. Any help is appreciated. My knees seem to go past my toes in my squat, which I'll have to try and fix by sitting back more. I'm done blabbing. Ate some rice and fish, time for bed so I can be recovered for more work tomorrow.
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