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Did not make Muay Thai. Will do it Wednesday or Friday.

I decided to use the same philosopy of the SAIS program, but mold it to my abilities. So I tweaked their cookie cutter routine and made my own. Same principal- basically hitting all muscle fiber types and kicking their azz. But I think working with the barbell the other day took its toll again. So I'm going to do what I know my body can handle.

Yesterday's chest workout:

Warmup- chest press machine- 20 reps at 130
Set 1- 6 reps with whole stack
Set 2- 6 reps with whole stack plus weight
Set 3- 6 reps with whole stack plus weight

Incline dumbell press:
Set 1- 10 reps with 60 lb dumbells
Set 2- 10 reps with 65 lb db
Set 3- 10 reps with 65 lb db

Pec Flys:
Set 1- 20 reps with half stack on front machine

Set 1- 10 reps with body weight
Set 2- 10 reps with body weight
Set 3- 10 reps with body weight

Warmup- 25 lb dumbell curls x 20
Set 1- 6 reps at 85lb (ez curl bar, wide grip)
Set 2- 6 reps at 105 lbs
Set 3- 6 reps at 115 lbs

Dumbell Hammer Curls:
Set 1- 10 reps with 30 lb db's
Set 2- 10 reps with 30 lb dbs
Set 3- 10 reps with 30 lb db's

Preacher Curls (front machine):
Set 1- 10 reps with short stack plus 1, then decreased to entire short stack for 10 reps

I added dips because I started getting more gains on my chest when I put them in my workouts. My chest is the hardest thing for me to develop, so I don't mind adding a little. I also added an additional set into the workouts. I wasn't getting a good pump or soreness last week. And I also substituted hammer curls in the place of reg. dumbell curls because I like the results I get in my lower bicep. And they burned like hell!

I skipped legs today because my son kicked me all last night, and I barely got any sleep. Thursday will be shoulders and triceps. I will also be changing the workouts slighlty, but sticking to the cadence and doing 1 exercise using explosive movements, 1 exercise using moderate movements, and 1 exercise using extremely slow movements. I don't think that the type of exercise matters that much. I just know what my body responds to and what it can handle. So I'll cater the program to those exercises!

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