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They are reworking my work gym and things are all over the place but even then I feel I got a good back and bi day

Lat pull down

Upright row

Isolation hammer curles
3xfailure@25 each arm

Forearm work
Wrist curles/reverse

Really strong forearm pump on this

Going back through notes I horribly misstated current diet. Not sure what I was thinking.
Meal one: 1/2 cup oats 120 cals 1 scoop protein 130 cals
Meal two: (normally post workout) 1 cup oats 240 cals 2 scoop protein 260 cals
Meal three: same as meal one
Meal four: 1 scoop protein 130 cals
Meal five: same as meal four
Meal six: dinner at home
Meal seven: 1 scoop casin 90 cals
Meal eight: 2 scoop casin 180 cals

This has me eating every two hours from 8 am to 10 pm with total cals of 1700 to 2200 depending on variables with starch only in the am and trying to keep insulin response as low as possible.

Will do another cardio hour tonight. How much time do I need between cardio sessions? If I go at 4 pm can I go again at 8 pm or is that too soon?

Comments welcome, I don't pretend to be island.
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