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Originally Posted by WorkoutMchne View Post
Yes, I agree, it felt much much better than Tuesday's bench. I know it was on the program, but I did a relatively heavy single before my 5X5 volume. I only did this because I have a meet soon. I may add in a single or two like that this week as well, just for your information
Sounds good! I have not changed anything yet (i made one tweak, ill explain below), and dont plan on it. This week was rough, but we made it through.

-my only "tweak" is to add 1-2 assistance exercises per workout, depending how I feel. I dont even log them, but I have found my body responds slightly better, to a slightly higher volume. I add light assistance such as BW dips or chins and light push press. 1 exercise per squat/deadlift workout and 1-2 per bench workout depending how I feel...the assistance is always lift specific. If I start getting burned out, since I workout in the mornings w/ the army as well, I will stop this..but for now, i am making excellent gains, so I wont fix whats not broke!
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