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Hmmm, lots of people having trouble with the pictures, did you try going to my profile?

Here are the albums;
Pre-contest week October 10th
Psuedo Photo shoot at local gym October 10th
Post-contest week October 17th

1) Thanks, leanest I have ever been, including being the classic ectomorphic teenager. I agree that a few more weeks would have got me more shredded, however, my face looked like I was a POW and I just had to stop it (after 28 weeks!).

2) Wow, I am surprised to hear that my quad stick out, never considered them a strong point although I will say I was pleasantly surprised with the seperation that I acheived towards the end of my cut and the appear decent to me in the pictures and video. Back is most definitely my strong point, it was the 2nd part of me to lean up (first was my deltoids) and probably the most muscular part of my body.

Glad to hear you feel I am balanced, although, I do feel I need to bring my arms up to truly have a bodybuilder physique.

3) I agree totally. I lacked size and definition in my hamstrings. They are going to be a focus of my offseason. In general, I hope that sled dragging will help retain some of my leg leanness (so there isn't so much fat to cut next time) and I am going to be added more exercises targeting the hamstrings. Good tip, I wanted to take it as far as I could because I knew it would be easier to shred up next time.

4) Good tip, I most definitely forgot in some poses. Although there were times when I know my hamstrings were flexed, but they weren't lean enough to really show it in the video.

I definitely take it in a positive light, I really and truly appreciate you taking the time to view the video! Hopefully, the above links will help you see my pictures as well.

If you only have time for a few, check out my rear double bicep (I am proud of that one!) and front most muscular (the avatar shot).

Wow, what kind words Jeremy, thank you so much. I have always felt you were what ABC is all about as well. I am just glad to be a part of it!


Weight stable at 173.

Yesterday was 3 reps, Flat Bench, 2 inch Rack, 5 inch Rack, 5 inch Rack clusters in the morning, all exercises superset with wide cable rows, Tire Dragging for chest/back at lunch, and 5x5 Flat Bench, 5x5 Rack Press (both chest exercises superset with Ab work and Wide Cable Rows), and 5x8 OH Tricep extension.

Today was an intense leg session; 5 reps Front Squat, Back Squat, half squat off pins, Forward tire sprints, Backward tire drags, chest/back tire drags, Leg Curls 3x8.

Leg day will most likely not be 3 times per day because weekends are not conducive to multiple workouts due to family time which takes precedence. However, on weekdays I will continue to try and hit the gym 3 times per day!

That's all for now.

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