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Tim, for whatever reason i am unable to see the most up to date pictures...although i did get a chance to look at the video...i'll tell you that you made huge gains from the before is my critique of your video

1) you can tell you worked very hard as you are quite lean...i think another 4-6 weeks and you would've been absolutely stage shredded.

2) what sticks out to me the most is your quads and back but your overall balance is good as well.

3) from the side your hamstrings look good but to me it looks like they could still get a lot leaner from the back (it might just be posing). one thing to remember is that everytime you lean down, you will get leaner and leaner trust me, after a clean offseason and another cut you will be looking straight scary.

4) you need to remember to pose your legs in all should be the first thing you pose...some of the front and back shots you can tell you let up a bit on squeezing the legs.

I really hope you take my critique in a positive light as that is how i meant it...honestly, when i saw your avatar it blew me away, which is why i sent you that PM giving you mad my friend are what is all about, which is why you are an irreplaceable part of this website...people can definitely come to your thread and see that hard consistent work pays off...great job Tim
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