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Thanks VeeKay.


Took Monday off after my "contest", began working out on Tuesday, strength down due to the rigors of contest week. Ate a relaxed diet on Monday and Tuesday (lots of oats, rice and some chocolate bread) and yesterday started my offseason diet.

Trying to get comfortable with a new split. Seriously tossing around the idea of working out 3 times a day at least several times per week.

Assuming I can eat and sleep enough to recover (and of course, set up my plan intelligently), I feel the benefits of working out 3 times per day are:

1) I will be a Nutrient Partitioning MACHINE! - obviously, when trying to gain lean mass you must take in adequate nutrients, and we know that our bodies ability to shuttle nutrients where we want them is improved when we exercise, so I thought, if I could exercise more often, my body will be super effective at utilizing everything I put into it.

2) I will be able to squeeze in more total volume in 3 sessions as opposed to trying to do 1 gigantic session - I believe volume is an important part of hypertrophy, thus I am trying to get in as much as possible.

Basic template for pushing and legs will be:

Strength AM, Eccentric-Less Lunch, Volume PM

For example, yesterday I did ramping sets of 5 for Front Squats, Back Squats, Half Squats then some leg curls in the AM, Dragged my tire at lunch and then in the evening did 2 supersets; SLDL/leg curl/Calf Raise & Sissy Squats/Leg Extensions/Calf Raise.

Pulling days due to certain time constraints may have to be set up differently; Strength AM, Volume Lunch and Eccentric-less PM. This morning was bent rows ramping sets of 5 and lunch will be chin-ups, biceps curls with some abs and calves thrown in.

One HUGE problem with this plan, I absolutely suck at waking up earlier than I have to. Kind of ironic, I am a very hard worker, disciplined in the gym and with my diet. But I get anxious when I know the alarm is going to go off early for me to workout. I start thinking about how I need to fall asleep so I get adequate rest, but getting anxious isn't exactly conducive to falling asleep, next thing I know I have been laying in bed for nearly 2 hours not sleeping so now I think, I am not going to get enough sleep, might as well set the alarm back and just eat breakfast and go to work. OK, now you know I am neurotic regarding sleep, lol!

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