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Legs- haven't worked legs with weights in 10 years. Blew my knee out 11/20/2000, and haven't done crap for them other than running and jumping. So here is my 1st leg workout in years!

Same idea as the other workout- explosive movements on 1st 3 sets, normal on the next 2, and slow HIT type on last set.

Dead lifts- warmup of 8 reps with 135 lbs.
Set 1- 6 reps at 205 lbs
Set 2- 6 reps at 205 lbs
Set 3- 6 reps at 205 lbs

Squats- warmup with 135 x 15.
Set 1- 6 reps at 205 lbs
Set 2- 6 reps at 225 lbs
Set 3- 6 reps at 225 lbs

Leg Press
Set 1- 10 reps at 200 lbs (100 lb plate on each side; not sure what sled weighs)
Set 2- 10 reps at 290 lbs

Hack Squats-
Set 1- 20 reps with just sled extremely slow and burning!

I took it very easy this time to gauge myself on my limits. As I said before, I haven't worked legs for years, so I needed to test my legs and back. Squats were kind of tough. I have squatted 405 (a week before I blew my knee out), so the weight wasn't too bad for my legs. But my stablity and technique is a little shaky. The leg press was pretty easy, but it put a bind on my lower back. And the hack squats were okay. Next week, I'll try to increase the weight a little more.

Well, today is a rest day, and tomorrow is shoulders and triceps (my favorite!!). I'll give you the scoop on Friday!
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