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Default BBS type workout # 23

Date: 17/10/10

Chest Press - 100 lbs X 8 reps

Lat pull-down , narrow grip with 2 sec. ab clench:
137.5lbs + loose weight X 7.25 reps

Shoulder Press - 87.5 lbs X 4.25 reps

Smith Machine horizontal pull-ups 4.5

Leg Press - 430 lbs X 8 reps

I have been fiddling with my diet and mis-timed things. I was dehydrated and in ketosis during the workout. I felt totally drained immediately after and was light headed / head-achy for a few hours. Saturday was my diet "cheat" day - I ate carbs before going to bed, then just had a few eggs for breakfast (no toast). We ran airconditioning through the night which I should know by now dries me out. It was accidental (obviously I don't aim to be dehydrated either). I slip into ketosis easier than most. With the dietary fiddling I am now 163 lbs and waist is about 33 1/2". I would estimate that I still have about 3 lbs of external fat to lose. Once done I'll be in calorie maintainance (rather than deficit) mode and will be able to focus more on strength increases. The ultimate goal for me would be a leaner 165 - 168lbs. I'm thinking of getting one of those body fat and water electronic scales to get amore accurate view of things - if anyone has any experience of them (e.g. Tanita scales) or comments about them let me know.
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