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Well, between the initial post and yesterday, I decided to try something different. It's called S.A.I.S. training, and it goes along with some research I've been doing. It aims to target all 3 types of muscle fibers in a high intensity routine. It is a 6 week program, so I'll update it as I go. But here was my 1st day:

Warmup with 65 lb dumbells; flat bench press.
Set 1- 6 reps with 85 # dumbells, explosive up, 1 sec. pause at top.
Set 2- 6 reps with 90 #
Set 3- 5 reps 90 #; could not complete #6

Incline bench press-
Set 1- 10 reps, normal speed, half second rest at top with 60 # dumbells
Set 2- 8 reps, could not complete 9th

Chest Press machine- Goal- 20 very slow reps. Only completed 17 at 130. Arms and chest were on fire! (I've been off for 2 weeks after finger surgery)

Biceps- warmup- 20 reps of dumbell curls with 25 # dumbells
Set 1- 6 reps of shoulder width barbell curls with 75 lbs, explosive up, pause 1 second at top.
Set 2- 6 reps with 85 lbs
Set 3- 6 reps with 95 lbs

Seated dumbell curls-
Set 1- 10 reps with 25 lb dumbells, normal speed, half sec. pause at top
Set 2- 10 reps. Arms were on fire

Close grip EZ curl barbell-
Set 1- 20 reps with 55 lb- arms were dead at end.

I then ran 3 40 yrd dashes and a 100 yard dash for good measure.

I also worked my azz off this weekend mixing, pouring, and spreading cement, so I was still a little fatigued. But the workout was very good and intense. Legs are ready for tonight!
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