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October 17, 2010 - Contest Day

Woke up at 167.5 lbs, lightest I have ever been since about 1998!

Waist was an awesome 30.75 inches (that is about the smallest I can get it based on my hip structure!), 4.5 inches lost since max weight/waist.

Bodyweight average this last week: 169.4

Only had 4 cups of water on Saturday as Jacob's pre-contest article called for (my week was 1 day off the article, just FYI), water done by dinner time. The lack of water definitely had an effect. I won't pretend that it was drastic and the pictures and video won't pick up that much of a difference, but I was more vascular and some bodyparts that were lagging actually tightened up a bit from the carb load and water depletion. In particular, my wife and I noticed increased detail in my thighs, calves and triceps, my 3 toughest areas. They appeared to shed some water and show increased detail. Like I said it wasn't drastic, but if I was competing, I believe it may have made a difference in placing.

Here is a new video, the first half is similar to my previous video, but I decided to add close ups. Please at least watch for those starting at 1:46 into the video, you can see the detail in my legs better on the close up, especially the sharpness on my calves which I did not have until the night before. You can also see increased vascularity of my upperbody.

Well, that is it. Diet is done, celebrated my Dad's birthday last night, so it was the perfect opportunity to indulge in a big meal and some chocolate peanut butter cake (2 pieces!). Today is an OFF day. I haven't technically "trained" since Thursday morning, but I have flexed HARD after ever carb meal for about 5 minutes (that comes to 30 minutes a day of flexing!) and of course pumped up yesterday so I don't feel like I have had an off day yet. I will be eating whatever I want today (not tons of junk, just lots of oats and rice mostly), and my wife said she wants to do some baking (chocolate bread and cookies!) now that my diet will be more relaxed and...wait for season. It feels cool to say that, I feel like I earned it. I dieted hard, I may not have competed, but now I am in my off season. I will come up with a diet and training plan soon, but for now it will be relaxed for a few days to give myself a psychological break.


Pre-contest week on left, Post-contest week on right

I add my own assessment, please feel free to add you own.

Front Lat – I can see increased detail in my quads


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