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Default Workout

The 3 day-per-week whole body toning workout. This workout is designed for people who don't want to build up bulk but just want to tone and strengthen their muscles.
This workout would go well with an existing cardio or weight loss program. You can do this workout on the same day or separate days to your cardio, it really doesn't matter.
This workout hits all major muscle groups over 3 days.

45 degree leg press 3x20
Seated rows 3x20
Incline fiyes 2x14
Standind cable curls 2x20
Tricep extensions Dumbbells 2x20

Smith machine squat 3x20
Seated calf raise 2x20
Lat pulldown to front 3x20
Tricep kickbacks 2x20
Standing dumbbell curl 2x20
Decline sit up 2xmax

Dumbbell lunge 3x10 each leg
wide grip pulldowns to the front 3x15
Dumbell bench press 3x15
Tricep bench dip 3x15
Horizontal leg raise 2xmax
Hope this helps some!! John 14:6
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