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Diet update:

Bodyweight average last week: 171.7
Bodyweight average this week: 170.6


Fairly low carbs, 1 intense posing session, 30 total minutes, first 15 minutes held poses for 30 seconds, second 15 minutes did 10 second bursts as hard as I could possibly contract.

Monday - first real depletion day

2 Depletion workouts, 70g total carbs for the day - NONE para-workout.

Here is my "A" depletion workout:

I aim for 10-20 reps on all exercises, zero rest, just move from set to set

Pulling Circuit - decline lat cable pullover 50, lat pulldown 100, stiff arm lat pulldown 50, sled row 50, sled stiff arm pulldown 35
Chest Circuit - flat bench 163, DB bench 52, Pec Dec 120, sled fly 40, sled chest press 50, pushups
Bicep Circuit - Barbell curl 50, cable curl 30 dropset 20, sled curl 25, band curl
Delt/Tricep Circuit - OH Press 70, band external rotation, tricep pushdown 70 dropset 50, band pushdown, sled tricep pressdown 25, sled front raise 20 (subject to change slightly, might add in some lateral raises)
Legs Circuit - Front Squat 120, Bodyweight squats 30 reps, Bodyweight Walking lunges, Backward dragging 50, Forward Dragging 75, Leg curl 50, leg extension 100

Did my "A" workout twice on Monday.

End of the day, I was dragging a little, getting hungry. I drank some water and did some ab flexing, it took care of the hunger, but even though I was tired, I couldn't fall asleep. Not sure why.

Tuesday - 2nd day of depletion

50g carbs today - all of them are incidental, meaning, they are coming from nuts, eggs and whey, absolutely no starches in my diet today and tomorrow.

Did my "A" workout at lunch. Will do my "B" workout tonight. The "B" workout is all on the tire which is great for the purpose of depleting then loading because as the contest article points out:

Doyle and colleagues stated that "Eccentric contractions appear to reduce muscle glycogen replenishment during the 1- to 10-day period after exercise." The reason for this is complex. However it can be broken down to the fact that eccentric training causes a higher amount of myofibrillar damage, muscle membrane disruption, and inflammation. Such consequences can slow glucose transport ( as compared to concentric training ), as well as glycogen synthesis.

According to Harold et al. (1997) "Glycogen supercompensation is best achieved when the exercise is largely concentric and the mode of exercise (e.g., cycling) does not disrupt the mechanisms of glycogen synthesis."

Tire work takes out the eccentric completely. Tomorrow will likely be the same, "A" workout in the AM and "B" workout in the PM. Finally, on Thursday morning, I have my last workout and it will be totally eccentric-less.

Sample "B" workout:
Walking backward in a crouched position, walking forward, sled front raise, sled flies, sled chest press, sled low pull, sled high pull - 30 meters each

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