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Default Mind over matter

So this is slightly pre-mature as the real journaling starts when my Insanity package comes in the mail but I will get this started anyway as I have started the diet Im using for the program today.

First off goals. This will be a 2 month cut where Im looking to drop around 15-20 pounds. The program Im following is the Insanity system which came recommended by friends so we will see.

Diet is of course the biggest part of this but I have a rather large complication in that I work in an operating room which means I have very short periods of time to eat and not a lot of space to store things. For this reason I am looking to try a 4-5 shake system with the last meal of the day being "real" food before bed. I am open to other options but diet has never been my strong suit so this was the best I could come up with.

I just came off a cut of 3 months where I dropped 27 pounds using heavy calorie restriction in a brute force method of dropping weight but now am also interested in retained muscle where as that was not my primary concern before.

Ok on to the numbers. Heres the diet plan. I wrote it to have every meal as a 2 scoop shake with 1-2 half cup packs of instant oatmeal which I can then replace as needed throughout the day.

2760 Max daily
2160 Min daily

Daily totals
44g fat 7.7% of intake
250g carb 43.5% of intake
280g protein 48.8% of intake

Protein Powder
6x 2 scoops
1560 cal daily
130 cal per meal
2 fat per 24 daily
5 carb per 60 daily
20 protein per 240 daily

Instant Oatmeal
6x 2 bags first 4, 1 last 2
1000 cal daily
100 cal per
2 fat per 20 daily
19 carb per 190 daily
4 protein per 40 daily

Meal times

Ok thats the plan so now on to the journaling. I will start as of today.

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