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Default Sweating whilst sleeping

HI all - a question for my wife: recently she has been sweating an enormous amount in bed. Sometimes the sheets are soaked through - but we dont know what/why this is?. ANY IDEAS?

A bit of context:
* She works out most mornings - more cardio than lifting tho (She's always sweated more than me when working out - but this amount is unusual)
* At first she thought it was related to vitamins and/or a Fat Burner she was taking (but it's continued weeks after stopping)
* 31yo, ~10% BF and very healthy diet.
* Occasionally gets foot/leg cramps
* Room temprature is warm-ish and ventilated, but normal for any home IMO
* Has a fairly stressful job but she's not sweating due to nightmares about it!

Thank you all in advance.
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