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Yea, I only did the 300 workout for 1 reason. My friends and I are doing a race in a few weeks and they do the 300 workout every Sunday and HIIT and other lifting on other days. So they told me to try it out to see how well I would do compared to them. It doesn't have a direct correlation to how well I would do running 3.5 miles with obstacles, but it does show my aerobic conditioning is a bit off. So I am now starting a strength routine with some running if I have time and not lazy. This should prepare me for the race and possibly a powerlifiting competition I may do next month.

10/5/10 - Deadlift


5x5 w/ BW

Shrug Machine
5x5 w/ 320

Started my strength routine tonight after I helped my dad with some work. Felt tired going in and I didn't take any Xtend. Stomach felt fine, so it may be the likely culprit. Deadlift felt a little difficult but I did deadlift 2 days ago with 135 for 5 sets of 10. And my hamstrings and glutes were a tiny bit sore. I'll be fine. I know my strength won't go up drastically, if at all, in just 1 month. I just want to tighten up my deadlift form and make sure I break 400 at the competition. I did 405 in Mike's garage but I had a hitch in it, so it wouldn't count at a meet.
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