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Originally Posted by VeeKay View Post
are you going to follow Jacob's "pre-contest week" workout/diet? or do you have some other plans for your contest week?
Yes, more or less. Diet-wise, I won't be following his sample diet, but I will be water loading, sodium loading, carb depleting and carb loading following the protocol mentioned in the article. Further, I will be doing depletion workouts twice a day as outlined, but I will be not be following the samples. I have my own exercises planned. As mentioned in the article, the eccentric-phase can actually impair glycogen uptake. So, in light of this, I will be doing extra eccentric-less tire work as part of my depletion protocol in addition to normal barbell, dumbbell and bodyweight exercises. I personally think this will be even better than the sample workouts.


Last Night

Push Day #1 - PM Session

Got work done outside in the dark and cold with my tire

When Sam-I-Am asks me, "Would you, could you in the dark?"
I reply, "Yes, cutting ain't a walk in the park!"


Push Day #2 - Lunch Break Session

Nothing much to report, day 2 is the easiest day of my spec phase, no PR's or anything like that.

Strength Circuit - Inc Bench, DB Shoulder Press, DB Chest Press

Iso Circuit - DB Fly, 1 Arm Cable Crossover, Deadstop Lateral Raise, Lateral Raise

Max Rep Circuit - Inc Bench, DB Shoulder Press, DB Chest Press, Pushups, Dips, more Pushups

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