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Yea, I finally get a partner but he's taking me in the opposite direction. I have another friend who is deciding between joining my gym or a 24 hour gym. So maybe he'll turn out better if he joins mine. If not, I'll just have to keep it going on my own.

9/30/10 - Biceps & Triceps

EZ Bar Curl superset with DB Curl
80/5 for 4 sets, 80/3
20/5 for 4 sets, 20/3

EZ Bar Preacher Curl superset with DB Hammer Curl
70/5 for 2 sets
10/5 for 2 sets

Dips superset with Cable Pressdowns
5 for 4 sets
120/5 for 4 sets

DB Overhead Extension

So the past couple times, when I do straight bar curls my right forearm starts hurting. So I tried the EZ bar this time, but still got the same result. I'm assuming since its only one arm and its my dominant arm, that I am trying to compensate with that arm and doing something wrong. Its okay though because its curls, which I don't plan on doing much anymore. This is the first time I've ever done an arm day in a routine and didn't like it that much.

I have a race, Barbarian Challenge, on October 23rd and I am trying to participate in the FSU Powerlifiting Competition with Mike on November 6th. So I think I am going to switch back to a strength specific routine working on a main lift + accessory exercises each day. And I will implement some cardio just so I can be in shape for my race. It's only 3.5 miles and has various obstacles so it shouldn't be too hard to have fun and compete in.
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