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Last Night

Push Day - PM Session

Tire Work - front raise, 35, chest press 60, 3 sets each, inbetween did sets for back

Isolation work:
Chest - Pec Deck, 1 Arm Cable Crossover, Wide DB Fly, Close DB Fly, Pushup
Detls - Deloaded lateral raise, lateral raise, deloaded front raise, front raise


Pull Day - Lunch Break

Lower back still tender from deadlifting, but I pulled through, just tried to brace my core extra tightly on rows

115 (plus 15) 190x5

BW (plus 15) BW+60x5

T-Bar - 60 second rest
150x10, 8, 8

Pullup - 60 second rest
BW+12.5 x 7, 6, 6

DB Curl superset with Decline Reverse Crunch
34.5 x 9, 6, 6 with BWx20, 3 sets

Workout felt great, huge pump, very vascular after workout

Weighed in at 171.5 today

James 1:16-17 ESV
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