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Leg Day #1 - PM Session

Tire Work for legs, lots of forward and backward dragging


Leg Day #2 - Lunch Break

Strength Circuit: 5 times through, 3 reps each, 15 seconds between exercise, 1 minute between sets
Front Squat 180
Back Squat 230
Deadlift 333

Isolation Circuit: 4 times through, minimal rest
Leg Extension 115x8, 2 sets, 120x8, 2 sets
Leg Curl 65x8, 2 sets, 70x8, 2 sets

Max Reps: no rest
Front Squat 150x20
Leg Ext 120x8
Leg Curl 60x10

Sore throat began yesterday, progressively worse over night, now ear is aching. Looking back at my records (yes, I am a dork, they are on Xcel), I haven't been sick since February, not bad. I plan to work out as long as I don't get completely under the weather.

I firmly believe I got sick because I was underdressed Sunday afternoon hanging out at Frick Park in Pittsburgh. I've read that you can't get a cold from being cold, but it only makes sense to me that if your body has limited resources, and part of those resources are being devoted to keeping your body warm, than less resources are available to fight an incoming sickness. Especially in a caloric deficit! Call me crazy, but I believe in some old wives tales. Today is refeed day, which is pretty convenient, because of another thing I believe, "Feed a cold to starve a fever." I think stuffing your face (and drinking tons of water, tea, etc) helps keep the cold from getting worse to an extent.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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