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9/22 - Did some ecentric-less work

9/23 - Biceps & Triceps

BB Curl superset with DB Curl
75/5 for 5 sets
20/5 for 5 sets

Preacher Curl superset with Hammer Curl
65/5 for 5 sets
15/5 for 5 sets

Dips superset with Cable Pressdowns
5 for 4 sets
110/5 for 4 sets

Skullcrushers superset with Close-Grip Bench
50/8 for 2 sets, 50/6 for 1 set, 50/5 for 1 set
50/12 for 4 sets

Got tired the 2nd half the workout so I only did 4 sets for each tricep exercise. Played like 15 mins of basketball at night and then did a 15 min mile walk/jog. Getting ready to go work shoulders right now. My friend just joined the gym and he might start working out with me.
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