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9/16/10 - Biceps & Triceps

BB Curl superset with DB Curl
80/5 for 3 sets, 75/4 for 1 set
15/5 for 4 sets

Preacher Curl superset with Hammer Curl
60/5 for 4 sets
15/5 for 4 sets

Close Grip Bench superset with Skullcrushers
135/5 for 3 sets
30/5 for 3 sets

Dips superset with Cable Pressdowns
5 for 1 set
90/5 for 1 set

Had a very busy day today. Stuck at the doctor's for 3 hours, then painted my old house for 3 hours, then tutored someone for 2 hours, and then finally got my workout in. Felt very good at the beginning of the session but it quickly declined once I got to triceps. I got 2 shots in my left tricep area and 1 shot in my right tricep area and got blood drawn from my right arm. So once I got to the 3rd set of close grip bench, my left tricep felt alittle tingly. Then when I was walking to my next exercises I felt alittle light headed. Tried to do dips and cable pressdowns but my arms felt weird so I just stopped and went home and ate some fish and sweet potatoes. The doctor said my left arm might be alittle numb in a day or two and I have to do shoulders on Saturday. So I might have to miss a workout, we'll see. I plan on trying some eccentric-less work at home too. I have a 35 lbs punching bag and rope that I can tie to it and drag it around.
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