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Last Night

Pull Day - PM Session

*Keep in mind, just because it's a pull day, doesn't mean I don't do other stuff with the tire

Warmup with tire:
Forward Drag 50
Chest Press 50

Repeat 2 more times

Back Isolation work with Tire:
Low Lat Stiff Arm 25
High Trap Stiff Arm 25
Lat Pulldown 50

Repeat 2 more times

Back Compound work with Tire:
Forward Drag 100
Row 100

Repeat 2 more times


Push Day - Lunch Session

Incline Barbell Press
140 (plus 15) 215x3

Standing OH Press - strict
100 (plus 10) 130x5, 135x5

Incline Barbell Press

Standing OH Press

Deloaded Skull Crusher superset with Ab Bench
70x11,9,7 with 55x19,8,5 - had no endurance here, abs tired from yesterday's ab wheel rollouts

Dips, Pushups with handles, Pushups on bench - all until failure to finish off my workout

My pushing strength was decent today. I am extremely pleased.


Did some posing (yes, I just said that) in the mirror last night, I was pleased with my chest striations and I finally noticed some leanness in my triceps. I don't have striations yet, but finally, the fattest part of my upperbody is coming along. Aside from my tris, I need a little more leanness in my lower ab/love handle (their not really handles anymore though!) region.

Legs are a different story. I remember thinking that my butt was big when I was doing Smolov, now I realize how much fat I was carrying on my legs and it wasn't that my glutes were hyoooge. My legs are starting to look skinny. They are OK looking in some poses, but from the side, they disappear. That said, they still need to be leaner. I have some deep lines/seperations and striations on parts of my upperbody, but nothing close on my legs. The day I notice a striation on my quad will be a happy day....and any detail in my hammies would be great.

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