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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
nice work so far man! you definatley know the idea of "opportunity workouts"! how is your speed coming? i know in the beginning it was a priority of yours. i can tell you from just doing smolov, my speed is getting insane!
Yeah, I try to make the most of opporunities. Speed is no longer a priority, I have decided solely to focus on getting shredded.

Tired currently from working a midnight shift last night, I still plan to hit up a workout at lunch. We'll see how it goes.


Pull Day - Lunch Session

BW (plus 20) BW+80 x 3 - PR

115 (plus 15) 190x5 - PR

Circuit - until failure, rest and repeat once
Pullup BW+25 x 9, BW x 8
T-Bar 135x12, 10
Rack Chin BWx8, 8
Decline Cable Pullover 55x8, 7

Incline DB Curl superset with Ab Wheel Rollouts
27x8, 7, 6 with BWx15, 3 sets

The Ab Wheel rollouts are getting much easier, so I made them harder by adding in 1/2 reps on that last 5 reps of my last set. Basically, I rolled out, came halfway back, rolled out, then came the wholeway back, that equals 1 rep. Just those 5 reps really blasted my lats. I will have to try a whole set like that next time to finish them off.

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