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PM Session

Had a great moment during this session, an SUV with 4 girls pulls up at the alley right near where I was working out, a girl yells out the window, "I love your body!" Naturally, I said, "Thank you" and at that point, my head exploded because it could not contain my ego! Just kidding, but it was a nice confidence booster, I told my wife and she thought it was pretty neat.

Tire Work:

Hopefully the video makes it clear what I've been doing lately for anyone who is confused when I talk about tires in my journal!

Upper Body 20-24 reps, Lower Body 50-60 (both reps listed are total for up and back)

Forward Drags 135
Row 100
Backward Drag 100
Chest Press 50

Repeat 2 more times

Forward Drag 75 (focusing on more speed with lighter weight)
Bicep Curl 50 - forgot to include these in the video
OH Tricep Ext 25

Repeat 2 more times

Massive pump from this, really enjoyable.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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