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9/9/10 - Biceps & Triceps

BB Curl superset with DB Curl
75/5 for 3 sets
20/5 for 3 sets

Preacher Curl superset with Hammer Curl
65/5 for 1 set, 55/5 for 2 sets
12/5 for 3 sets

Dips superset with Cable Pressdowns
5 for 4 sets
70/5 for 1 set, 80/5 for 1 set, 90/5 for 2 sets

Close-Grip Bench superset with Skullcrushers
135/5 for 1 set
40/5 for 1 set

Can't remember the last time I've done an arm day, if ever. So I couldn't quite handle 5 sets of 5 for this many exercises. So I cut down the volume for week 1. Might move close-grip bench to my 1st tricep exercise as well so I can get the most strength gains out of it. I would do weighted dips but my gym doesn't have any dip belts and I don't own one.
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