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Diet Update

Bodyweight average last week: 175.1
Bodyweight average this week: 173.9

Macros to remain unchanged. I feel like I am getting lean at a rapid rate, due to the double sessions, I am taking in slightly more calories per day, but I am also burning more, which I believe is a good thing, high G-flux, Go Berardi!

I have noticed increased vascularity in my delts, new veins in my abs, and finally, two veins are starting to pop on my calves. I really believe I have all the sled pulling to thank for that. Still have work to do to get my legs as lean as I'd like before I post pictures. Striations are coming in nicely on the pecs and now even the lower lats.

I measured my waist yesterday upon waking at 173 lbs, it was 31.25 inches, that is 4 inches smaller than it was was I started my cut!

Today is not looking great for a workout, I might (I said might) have to, GASP, take a day off. I am left with 20 minutes total on my lunch break because the rest of the time is going to a school meeting. Evening is likely full with family and soccer practice. We shall see what happens, I've been able to squeek in some great workouts on limited time and I actually do plan to squat in the those 20 minutes and throw in a few other exercises. But I won't cry if I don't get to squat, I will enjoy the rest if that is how things work out.

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