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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
I'm not a fan of crossfit, no planned progression, potentially dangerous exercises (such as high reps on technically difficult olympic lifts).

If I were you, I would use that time to get down to basics. Maybe pick one lift per day and hit it hard, rotating upper/lower or push/pull/leg etc. You can rotate rep ranges and plan progression fairly simply with just that one lift. Add in a little cardio and there you go. But that's just my 2 cents.
Originally Posted by WorkoutMchne View Post
I'm in agreement with Commander.

My thoughts on Crossfit: First of all, it is like a cult and I can't stand it. They think they are the first ones to ever do metabolic workouts and circuits. I did metabolic workouts in college all the was called soccer practice. I credit them for good marketing, but with 99.9% of the population having no idea about exercise, lifting, running, or whatever there goals are it isn't that hard to sell something. I mean look at Chuck Norris he runs an infomercial with Christie Brinkley and he has sold a lifetime's worth of total gyms (by the way does Christie Brinkley come with that if I order it?).

Now, some of what they do is great for someone who just wants to get in shape and burn calories, but if you have a specific goal of strength, endurance, or whatever it may be it is awful. There is no periodization involved so it's not even that efficient of a way to prepare for so called "CrossFit" games. Burning calories for the general population, then it's great. But for you, you're a monster, so this would kill your strength and waste your time.

Okay, sorry, I'm done now.
thanks guys, comments really taken to heart! i am in the same general boat as both of you...its a cult following, with no specific outline and seems dangerous...but it is marketed geniously! Im just gonna prob. stick to the basics while at school to keep getting stronger!!!..or save my strenght...only 3 meals a day there, with no ability to take food home...except on the weekends!
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