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Thqnks for the response cdr...I don't typically like crossfit either, but. It looks like the crossfit football follows a lifting routine..then does some circuts for overall health. I was confused! Haha

Smolov intense: week #2, day #3

375x4x4 (was supposed to do 5 reps, I am working on once my knees started shaking, I terminated set)


Decline bench:
225x5, 3 sets

Smolov won today...take your small victory while u can! I woke up today tired, so I pushed my workout from the morning to after work...but I just could not wake up today. Regardless...I am making an effort at impeccable form, so I payed close attention during my sets and stopped once I got shaky. I left the gym ROCKED today...definately feeling the squats

Next day is sunday. No cardio, lots of food until then...I will get back on track!
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