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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
looking good man, do you have a plan for how much longer you want to cut for?
Great question.

I have gone back and forth on that issue. Originally, I just wanted to get lean, then I started to get lean and I got hooked and wanted more, then I was feeling kind of crappy and thought I should put in end date on the cut to make sure I didn't lose too much muscle (since I was feeling crappy).

However, things picked up and I am on a roll.

I just passed my targeted end date (22 weeks). But I am feeling awesome, I am just as strong as I ever was and looking the best I have ever looked, thus, I see no need to stop. I am going to keep going until either A) I am shredded or B) something goes wrong and I start to lose lots of muscle.

Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
also, i have been meaning to ask..when your wife cooks dinner, does she take your cut into consideration..or just cook like she normally would?!?!
Well, here's the thing, she is a pretty healthy individual herself, she's been doing P90x for awhile and is pretty lean and strong. Thus, we eat pretty healthy. Chicken, Lean Beef, Potatoes, Brown Rice (occasionally white rice), lots of veggies with dinner. She may use a tad more butter or oil than your standard bodybuilding cut diet, but not much, just enough to add some nice flavor.


Pull Day - Lunch Break Session

Honestly, I feel like if a freight train hit me right now, it would be sorry that it did.

BW, +20, +40, 60, 80, 95x3 - PR
BW+55 x 9 - PR

Bent Row - wow, my lower back is still really sore/tired from deadlift day
135 (plus 10) 185x5

Bicep Curl
70x10, 7, 7

superset with no rest with...

Ab Wheel Rollouts
BWx15, 3 sets

followed immediately by....

Cable Lat Pullover - sweet contraction in the lats on these, good finisher


Bent Row

Should have went heavier on the row burnout, wasn't sure the weight to pick after the rollouts and pullover, forearms went first, should have went with 90 or 100 lbs and added straps.

Great session, took roughly 30 minutes.

I hope to hit the tire tonight with some back isolation work.

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