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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Wow, Smolov is working for you, keep it up!
Thanks commander, it seems to be working for now. Before I started the base cycle, 385x1 felt weak, my knees would wobble, etc. now, 395x3 feels a little stronger. My knees still kinda wobbled a bit..but not much at all, once I was aware of it and told myself to stay strong, steady, etc. I psyched myself out before this last workout because I thought I would fail, once I got to the gym and started lifting, that thought disappeared. I remember reading Andro's journal during smolov and he said he felt more confident than ever in his squat, and I can now see why..previously, my squat was one of my 'weaker' lifts that I had no confidence doing..that does not seem to be the case anymore.

also, i dont know how much effect my new belt actually has, vs maybe a placebo effect because I know its on..but i feel more sturdy and safe wearing it versus the paper thin leather belts my gym has.
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