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Originally Posted by WorkoutMchne View Post
Having fun yet?
Everyday I wake up is a fun day! having fun yet?

Originally Posted by Birthright1 View Post
Awesome hope you have recovered fully. glad to hear that you are becoming the massive pump machine keep it up.
i am fully least it feels like it! my scar is still pretty knarly, (looks like I got arc welded shut) but its starting to fade

Thank God it is Friday, and I have a long weekend (Mon,Tues off) for Labor day...this week has been one of the busyest, hectic weeks in a while! It started w/ a trip to Home Depot last week, because my wife wanted a new kitchen I talked her into letting me stain our current one (my attempt at saving money)...we saved money, but it took me all week to get it sanded down, 3 coats of stain, and finally clear coated it last night. will finish sand it and reassemble tonight. This project was done usually at 9pm, because I work all day, need to get home for dinner, walk the dog as well. after staining, we cannot forget that I am a part time college student and have that work to do as well...after everthing is done for the night, its time to prep my cooler w/ breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the next day!!!! sleep, repeat! This weekend, I have to make a planter box and fix some cabinets. Always work to be done, good thing I am great at multi tasking!

SMOLOV Intense mesocycle Week#1, Day#3


120x10, 2 sets

BW+10x15, 3 sets

-good workout, all reps felt strong..good tight form throughout.
my youtube channel:

finally got camera, more vids to come!
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