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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Sadly, I have time to log at work.

May I rant for a moment bigbear.......( I will assume you say "yes" )

My work doesn't give me enough work to do. I have worked here 2.5 years and in that time I have formally in writing requested additional work twice and done so verbally several times as well.

Basically, I wanted to absorb the work of the 2nd caseworker who holds a similar position as me ( I asked for the work on occasions when the 2nd caseworker was leaving, I wasn't expecting them to can the guy for me ). The long and short of it, I was told no way, they will always have 2 caseworkers for this position. I work for the government so that should tell you something.

I am terribly efficient with MS Excel, the main platform I use to do my work, and thus I have even more free time on my hands then when I first started this job because I have completely streamlined it, eliminating all sorts of duplicate work.

I am ethically obligated (due to my work regulations) not to make money at work on non-work related things. So I can't do an internet business or free lance work (not that I have many other talents, lol ). So I basically have plenty of time to post on ABC and to read things that interest me. For example, I read the entire Federalist Papers while at work.

On a positive note, I also have used the extra time to do volunteer work (no ethical issues there). For example, I update the Westmoreland County Right to Life's webpage, I work as a pseudo-trustee for my church with its Caring Pastor, and I even edited articles for ABC for awhile....speaking of which, I should let Venom know I am available again. Basically, I try to keep busy with positive things.

Idle hands are the devil's workshop.

Yes, they are finally low by anyone's standards, but they are working, I'm losing fat and I feel great.

Wow, what an incredibly kind thing to say, thanks Mike!

Believe me, when I finally post pictures, you will be happy I worked on my tan!
I know how you feel man. Im in the Army (government job) and if I didnt find things to do during the day, its almost like I am getting paid to do nothing. Now, those were in my "operational army" that I am temporarily in Recruiting..I have never been more busy..but I still find time to work on my degree and post on ABC during the day!

o yeah, also at work I have managed to read the constitution, Glen Becks Arguing with Idiots, and various other books.
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