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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Lunch Break Session

All exercises done with a tire (tire weighs 27 lbs, not included in total)

Quad Drag - downhill 50 lb
Calve, Ham Drag - uphill 50 lb
Row - 50 lb - 20 reps
Quad Drag - downhill 50 lb
Calve, Ham Drag - uphill 50 lb
Chest Press - 35 lb - 20 reps

Repeat this 2 more times. It was nice and hot out, felt good, I was sweating like crazy and working on my tan.

I am home for lunch for roughly 40 minutes = 5 minute set up tire/weights/mini paraworkout shake, 25 minute workout, 10 minutes to put tire/weights away, shower and get out the door.
Dude, that's awesome and that is the sign of dedication as well. Limited time, but you got the job done with no excuses. You work midnight shifts, sleep little sometimes, have a family to care for and you turn out sessions like this. I don't get impressed easily nor do I think praise should be given out lightly, but you my friend deserve it. Your journal inspires me more than anyone else's on this site.

Now, I can't say that I approve of working on your tan...but we'll let it slide.
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