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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
SMOLOV Intense Mesocycle, Week #1, Day #2


BW+10x10, 2 sets

Seated Row:
145x10, 3 sets

-This crap is NO JOKE!!! 80 some % of my max for 5 the END!! This is not for the weak...I will make it!
-forgot to mention in my last post that during my last week of switching I loaded creatine to see if that can help get me thru this intense cycle.
-Decided that the cheap leather belts my gym has just wont cut it anymore..they are too flimsy and I cannot get them tight enough...I have an Inzer 10mm lever on order!
Nice weight on the squats man. That 80% does sound brutal! As for the creatine, it will definitely help. I actually ordered some for myself today.
I know the bench press is so cliche, but:
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