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Crap, I just recalled that I forgot to stand on my 40lb plates, which adds 1.5 inches of deficit to the Cambered Bar Deads, I will have to scratch that PR.


Push Day

OH Press
100 (plus 10) 150x3

Incline Press
150 (plus 10) 200x3

Flat Bench Press
200 (plus 10) 240x3

Circuit to failure:
Pushups with push up handles, Dips, Pushups on bench, Pec Deck, 1 Arm Cable Crossover, Wide DB Fly, Close DB Fly, Pushups on bench

Sled Work:
Front Raise, Rear Delt, Chest Press - 2 rounds

Ab Bench
50 x failure, 3 sets


I really felt like my calves were lagging in leanness, I made a targetted effort to hit them on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with an uphill tire dragging circuit. I felt like I got an almost immediate response and I plan on implementing my calve circuit several times per week to help bring them up to par.


Diet Update:

Bodyweight average last week: 176.9
Bodyweight average this week: 175.0

I had 2 uncharacteristically low days, 173 both times, which affected my average. I am going to use 176 as my average instead so as not to distort my numbers.

I woke up at 173 AFTER a refeed, but a Sunday lunch at a Chinese buffet helped me get my weight back to normal at 176 this morning!

If I was on a bulk, I could have spent HOURS at this buffet, steamed salmon that tasted as good as if my wife cooked it, RAW sushi on the buffet, hibachi, etc. It was unreal, I was in heaven!

James 1:16-17 ESV
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