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haha, thanks guys..something about puking in the gym gives you 1. an instantly good feeling, 2. feeling like you left it all there!..literally! hahaha

SMOLOV Switching week#2, Day #3


205x5, 3 sets

in, intense, out! Time for a few recovery days and the Intense cycle starts on Sunday

also, i dont know if the bcaa + gatorade protocol I have put into place w/ bigger more spaced out meals has an effect, but I feel the most "muscle bound" fullest/strongest I have ever felt..its great, like every day I feel like i have grown a little. It may be due to the fact that since my meals are more spaced out and i am not worried about eating too much..back when i ate more frequently, i would feel constantly full, so eating a lot got hard...who knows, but what ever is happening it seems to be working
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