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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
camping looked throw in a suspenders type rig w/ canteens and water, sling a weapon, put on a helmet and boots..lose the tent and sleep under a poncho..and you're in the army!!! hahaI wish my wife was a little more "out doorsy" she hates being out side..but I grew up in the love to go camping!i know how you feel trying to workout after a rough couple days. we went to sesame place on saturday...all day, my workout on sunday was just going thru the motions it seemed like
It was tons of fun, I wouldn't mind losing the tent, it was by far, the heaviest thing in my pack, ha, ha!

Send me the canteen, weapon, helmet and boots and I'll try it out.


Leg Day - Miscellaneous

Squat - all sets 3 reps
120, 170, 220, 220, 240, 260, 280, 300

Deadlift - No Belt

This was brutal, butt on fire, had an instant headache after this set

Power Shrug
226x20, 2 sets

Leg Extension - explosive then squeezed at top
80 (plus 10) 130x5

Did the following in random order:
Hill Sprints x 6
Tire Sled Rows, Tire + 50 x 12, 5 sets
Tire Chest Press, Tire + 50 x 12, 3 sets, +25 x 12, 1 set

Later in day:
Bike Ride with my kids


Weighed in a 176 this morning and my waist was 32.25. That is small for me, I have naturally wide hips. To give you an idea of my progress, my waist was 35+ on some mornings when I was around 200 pounds.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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