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Default Aug. 23

BB Squat: 4X8

Seating Leg Curls: 4X8

Single Leg Ext: 4X8

Adductor Machine: 4X8

Abductor Machine: 4X8

Donkey Calf Raises: 6X15

Leg Ext Tibialis Curls: 6X15

Squats felt good I've been wearing a belt to help with the lower back, starting to get my strength back in them. Mentally I think it helps having a partner there spotting you as well. My gym has a horrible set up for squats if you fail on a rep you're pretty much SOL without a spotter. Tomorrow I'll be hitting the gym in the morning because I have my doctor's appointment in the afternoon, I received a call today that the results on my X-rays have come in, hopefully I can start moving in the right direction with this injury. I almost forgot I started my new diet today following Layne Norton's plan, I'll be weighing in daily once again to get an average weight for each week, hoping to put on a half pound a week up until my cut. Last time I tried this my average weight stopped just shy of 200 before I had a barrage of injuries. This time I'm starting around 4 pounds heavier, so it's 200 pounds or bust.
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