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wow, i haven't posted in a month. haha oops. anyways, i took 2 weeks off because i did some crazy damage to my lower back, luckily it was only muscular. i couldn't bend over to put socks on the day after. but it's back to 100%.

i restarted the peaking cycle i was doing when i got injured and am now towards the end of the 3rd week. i'll try and give a quick recap of what went on during the first 2.5 weeks.

290x9x3 (felt awful)
305x8x3 (best week so far)

455x8x2 (first set sucked, second set was much better. i basically have to fix my warmup.)

440x9x3 (kicked my butt. puked a bunch during the workout. i think i ate some moldy bread or something before my workout.)

tomorrow is squat day #3.

in other news i will be going back to school for 3 more classes to finish my undergraduate work at kent state. i spoke to the head s&c coach there about an internship and he said there is 1 spot left open out of 2 total. my fingers are crossed.

mike, i'll give you a call tomorrow to catch up with the reading assignment you gave me.


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