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Push Day - PM workout

For those who read T-Nation, I took the AM Push (last post) and PM Push (this post) from the new Training Lab going on over there. The exception is the sprints, I threw those in for my own purposes.

Hill Sprint (full hill) 16-17 second sprint x 6

Sprints were supersetted with:

Tire Front Raise - tire + 10 x 12, 3 sets
Tire Chest Press - tire + 25 x 12, 1 set
+35 x 12, 2 sets

Chest circuit:

Pec Deck - 100 x failure
1 Arm Cable Fly - 20 x failure
Wide DB Fly - 22 x failure
Close DB Fly - 22 x failure
Push ups - BW x failure

Shoulder Circuit:

7.5 lb dumbbell on all sets x failure - a little too light, will bump it up if I do this again

Lateral Raise lying on inc bench
Lateral Raise back on inc bench
Front raise on bench
Standing Front raise
Cable External Rotation 20 x failure


Side note:

My step mother in law in talking with my wife, said that I looked the biggest/most muscular that I ever have! My wife was happy to inform her that in fact I recently lost 23 lbs of fat!

That is precisely what you hope to hear on a cut, that you look big, the illusion of bodybuilding is working, my reduced waist is making me look bigger.


Weighed in at 177 this morning after my refeed.

Going for an overnight tent camping trip today. Will be the first time my kids have slept out in a tent, should be fun.

Yes, I will be enjoying some S'mores!


James 1:16-17 ESV
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With God's help...Mens sana in corpore sano

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