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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
Aside from following your great progress, I really enjoy reading your workouts...they seem very fun! What is your "plan"...or do u just do push stuff on push days, etc?
They are very fun! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Believe it or not, I do have a plan!

Push, Pull, Legs

General guidelines for Push and Pull days:
3 rep for first exercise, 5 rep for second exercise. Back off sets for max reps using typically 80% of whatever my heaviest set was. 3rd exercise is generally arms, so triceps on push day and biceps on pull day. I also try to rotate between horizontal and veritcal. For example, if one Push day is 3 reps of OH press and 5 reps of Dips, then the next Push day might look like 3 reps of Bench Press and 5 reps of OH Dumbbell Press.

I will say that I was following that pattern pretty strictly, but I have taken some liberty with myself and been mixing it up slightly as of late (you will actually see that in the next workout I post, no 5 rep sets for example and no direct arm work)

General guidelines for Leg days:
Lowerbody I am rotating through some of my favorite workouts, Low End Deadlift, Top End Deadlift, Deadlift Volume Day, Squat 10 rep, Squat 20 rep.

Volume Day on deadlift refers to working up to a training max single, then taking roughly 80 to 85% of that and doing 5 sets of 5, then 85% of that and doing 1 set of 10. I typically follow that with power cleans.

Squat days I found I can focus best on 1 hard set, so that is what I have been doing lately. Assistance work for legs varies greatly based on my mood that day, with the exception of my Top and Low End Deadlift, those days are kind of planned out because they are targetting specific parts of the movement. I have been enjoying getting out and doing sprints.

I've been mixing this up as well, I sometimes try to tailor my cardio selection to the workout that day, for example, on Pull day, I might do farmers walks or heavy ropes (they hit the lats and forearms well), on Leg Day, sprints and tire drags. Push Day used to be my jump rope day, but I haven't jumped rope in awhile. I try to get a little cardio with each workout to increase my work capacity and burn some extra calories to assist the cut.

My plan has worked wonders. I have managed fatigue very well on this cut and continued to make gains.

Hope that helps!

Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
Also, how did you come to find all of these tire exercises?
A combination of reading Christian Thibadeau at T-Muscle and my own personal creativity.

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