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Pull Day - part 2

Given the fact that I hit PR's in chin ups yesterday, I thought my lats/back might be a little tired. I was pleasantly surprised, absolutely awesome workout.

Bent Row
120 (plus 15) 195x3

Chin ups
BW, +15, 30, 45, 60x5 - PR! Wasn't expecting to hit a 5 rep PR today after hitting a 3 rep AND max rep pr yesterday

Circuit 1: minimal rest, all the way through, then repeated for a second time
Bent Row - 140 x 16, 10
Tire Sled Row - 50x12, 12
Band Row - minimal resistance, pumped it out until it burned

Circuit 2: like first one
Chin up - BW x 12, 8
Tire Sled Lat Pull - 50x12, 12
Band Pull Down - like above, pumped until burn

DB Curl - nothing left at this point
32x9, 7, 5 supersetted with Sled Curls

I am totally rejuventated for this cut, I was kind of lethargic a short while ago and that was kind of what motivated the deadline, but as long as I am losing fat and maintaining (and gaining in a lot of exercises) strength, I don't see any reason to stop! It is exciting, I feel unstoppable....with one exception, my tendons near my right pec are hurting from dips and being stretched on the chin ups. I'll have to figure out how to keep up the intensity while giving that area a will be hard because I love my dips and chins!

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