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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
im still in...tracking your progress! I have recently started to follow the BCAA protocol from Layne's article on the site, and it is alright so far. basically boils down to eating more food, less frequent w/ bcaa and carbs in between. i am saving money on protien, as I have eliminated my mid afternoon shake and am able to eat just 3-4 whole meals a day..depending
Yeah i was going to try that but it looked a tad tricky (i always overcomplicate things) so i opted for the scivation diet as it seems straightforward and i know people who have gotten great results from it.

Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Same here, I'll always follow along, your first journey was so inspirational, I'm hooked.
Means a lot, i hope i can do ABC proud when i get back to bulking as you lot have taught me most of the things i know!
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