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Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
I'm enjoying how much research you're putting into your cut and future bulk. You mentioned Layne's suggestions for carbohydrate intake throughout the day, I'm sure you've read his article on protein as well. My question is have you tried implemented that into your diet, if so did you any difference from the typical bodybuilding diet of 5 of more small meals?
Thanks, I enjoy it too, I LOVE reading about this stuff, outside of God and Family, Fitness is my passion!

I've definitely read his article on protein and I have implemented that almost from day 1.

I eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and pre-bed snack, so 4 main meals. I use BCAA's to stimulate protein synthesis halfway between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinner. I don't use the protocol between dinner and pre-bed snack because that is usually when I get my para-workout nutrition.

This next bulk will be a little different than my last, but I plan on putting his research to work then as well and trying to prevent refractoriness with BCAA between protein feedings.


Diet Update:

Bodyweight average last week: 181.0
Average this week: 179.9

Very happy to hit the 170's for my average. No need to change my macros since I felt like I was dropping pretty consistently. Adding the moring oats back in mid-week was definitely the right thing to to do.

I've read that as you get leaner, the faster you see results (i.e. losing 1 pound when you have 10 to lose is more visible than losing 1 pound when you have 30 to lose), and I feel as if this is happening. My calfs and thighs progressed nicely.

Triceps and lower back are my main upper body holdouts in terms of fat. Chest was my fattiest area when I started but I am pretty happy with it now. Still have some fat to lose on my butt and legs, but as I mentioned, I am finally seeing some progress there.


Worked a midnight shift last night, I'm beat, I was off yesterday visiting with my Aunt who was in from Hawaii, probably off today to go to bed early and catch up on lost sleep due to the midnight shift.


Feeling some nice DOMS in my triceps from the myoreps workout on Friday night, plus great DOMS in my biceps from the incline curls on Saturday. I love having sore arms.

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